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What is a LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative)?

A LEAR is a Legal Entity Appointed Representative. This is a person appointed by its legal representative (CEO, Rector, Director General) to manage the legal and financial information about the organisation (i.e. change address), manage access rights of persons in the organisation (not at the project level), and appoint representatives of the organisation to electronically sign grant agreements or financial statements via the Funding & Tenders Portal.

The validation of the organisation is a prerequisite for the validation of the LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative). The person who initially registered the organisation in the Funding & Tenders Portal (the self-registrant) will be able to launch the appointment of the LEAR in parallel to the validation of the organisation.

Applicants that are natural persons do not need to prove their capacity to become a LEAR, but still need to enter their LEAR data and submit supporting documents.

To appoint and validate a new LEAR, you have to:

  1. Identify the person in your organisation who will act as LEAR and the legal representative who will appoint them
  2. Encode in the Participant Register the name and contact information of the LEAR and the legal representative appointing them
  3. Get your organisation’s legal representative to sign the appointment letter and declaration of consent
  4. Upload documents in the Participant Register
  5. Validation of the LEAR appointment by the Central Validation Service
  6. Activate the LEAR’s online user account

Further details about the LEAR’s appointment and validation are explained in the Online Manual of the Funding & Tenders Portal.