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What is the Funding & Tenders Portal of the European Commission?

The Funding & Tenders Portal of the European Commission is the central shop window for EU funding and the procurement actions for all European bodies. If you are interested in getting a grant from the EU or offering your products and services to the EU, the Funding & Tenders Portal is the main platform for that.

The Funding & Tenders Portal covers all centrally funded programs that are managed by the European Commission, the executive agencies, the joint undertakings, and other EU bodies. What is not covered by the Funding & Tenders Portal are the EU programs under shared management such as structural funds (ERDF managed by regional agencies and joint management of the Eramus programme (managed by national agencies).

34 EU programs can currently be accessed on the Funding & Tenders Portal, going from Horizon Europe, to LIFE, to Creative Europe, or EU4Health Program.

It is focusing on two main areas: calls for proposals and tenders. With calls for proposals the Commission selects, on a competitive basis, organizations or natural persons to implement projects co- financed by EU because these projects contribute to EU policy aims. With calls for tenders the Commission aims to purchase goods, services or works in exchange for payment of an agreed price.

The Funding & Tenders Portal includes a new layout and graphic design, it has been equipped with an improved keyword search function with new features and search behavior, it reflects its multi-programme coverage and integrates the calls for tenders. since beginning of 2021, it is replacing the old Participant Portal that has now disappeared.