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Where can I find the templates for Horizon Europe proposals?

The templates documents for Horizon Europe proposals can be found on the Funding & Tenders Portal under the Reference documents part.

Then, select the programme, in this case Horizon Europe.

Then, under Template & forms, click on Application forms. There, you will find the list of templates for Horizon Europe proposals available.

Each type of proposal has a specific application form. All documents available are in pdf format. No editable document is available for download. All the application process has to be done online on the Funding & Tenders Portal in the My Proposals section. Note that the online application can be saved online and continued later on. While working on online version, the template will be filled automatically. In addition, online work allows all contributors of the proposal to work on the same document and avoid different versions.

What is the structure of a HE RIA Proposal?

The proposal contains two parts:

  • Part A of the proposal is generated by the IT system. It is based on the information entered by the participantsthrough the submission system in the Funding & Tenders Portal. The participants can update the information in thesubmission system at any time before final submission.
  • Part B of the proposal is the narrative part that includes three sections that each correspond to an evaluation criterion. PartB needs to be uploaded as a PDF document following the templates downloaded by the applicants in the submission systemfor the specific call or topic. The templates for a specific call may slightly differ from the example provided in this document.

The electronic submission system is an online wizard that guides you step-by-step through the preparation of your proposal. The submission process consists of 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Logging in the Portal
  • Step 2: Select the call, topic and type of action in the Portal
  • Step 3: Create a draft proposal: Title, acronym, summary, main organisation and contact details
  • Step 4: Manage your parties and contact details: add your partner organisations and contact details.
  • Step 5: Edit and complete web forms for proposal part A and upload proposal part B
  • Step 6: Submit the proposal