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How to convert hours into days in Horizon Europe?

Convert the hours worked into days in Horizon Europe when reporting personnel costs can be done in three different ways.

Option 1: we convert the number of hours that the person must work per day according to its contract. Example: If the contract stipulates 37,5 hours per week over 5 working days, then 1 day equivalent would be 37,5 divided by 5 being 7,5 hours.

Option 2: this option is a continuity with Horizon 2020 and is slightly more complicated. We can convert the annual productive hours into days, if they correspond to at least 90% of the workable hours. For example, let’s take 1700 for annual workable hours as stated in the contract or collective agreements. And the annual productive hours are 1600. This option tells us that productive hours must be greater than the 90% of the workable hours. If this is the case, then we divide the 1600 hours by 215 and we get 7,44 hours.

  • Workable hours are the one stated in the employment contract or collective agreement.
  • Productive hours are the workable hours plus overtime minus absences such as sick leaves and special leaves.

Option 3: we define a fixed number of hours per day which is 8. This is the case for beneficiaries with no reference in their contracts nor standard annual productive hours.

Take into account that this conversion has to be done at the end of a reporting period or at the end of a project, when you need to submit a financial report the the European Commission.


If you would like to know more about how to convert hours into days in Horizon Europe, have a look at the webinar of the European Commission: How to prepare a successful proposal in Horizon Europe (24 March 2021)