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What is the page limit of Horizon Europe proposals?

In Horizon Europe, the page limit is 45 pages for Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) as well as Innovation Actions (IAs) in total. For Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs), the page limit is set at 30 pages. When the proposal is evaluated in two stages, the page limit for the 1st stage is of 10 pages. For COFUND proposals, the limit is set at 70 pages. For EIC pathfinder proposal, it is 17 pages. In short:

  • RIAs & IAs: 45 pages
  • CSAs: 30 pages
  • 1st stage: 10 pages
  • COFUND: 70 pages
  • EIC pathfinder: 17 pages

A Horizon Europe RIA or IA proposal has two main parts: part A and part B.

Part A is made of administrative data and is filled online. It is composed of:

  1. General information
    • Abstract: 2000 characters
    • Declarations
  2. Participants
    • Administrative data
    • Researchers involved in the proposal
    • Role of participating organizations in the project
    • Up to 5 relevant publications, data sets, goods
    • Up to 5 relevant projects or activities
    • Description of any significant infrastructure
    • Gender equality plan
  3. Budget
  4. Ethics and security issues
  5. Other questions (if any)

Part B is the technical part of the proposal and is composed of 3 key sections:

  • Excellence (19 pages)
    • Objective and ambition (4 pages)
      • Objective: WHY, WHAT, WHO
      • Ambition: HOW, WHO, WHEN, WHERE
      • R&I Maturity
    • Methodology (15 pages)
      • Concept and Methodology
      • Past and ongoing projects
      • Inter-disciplinary approach
      • Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
      • Gender dimension
      • Open science practices
  • Impact (9 pages)
    • Project’s pathway towards impact (4 pages)
      • Unique contribution the project results make towards outcomes and wider impacts
      • Requirements and potential barriers
      • Scale and significance
    • Measures to maximise impact (2-3 pages)
      • Planned measures
      • Strategy for the management of IP
    • Summary (1-2 pages)
      • Impact canvas
  • Quality and efficiency of the implementation (17 pages)
    • Work plan and resources (14 pages)
      • Work plan
      • Resources to be committed
      • Tables
    • Capacity of participants and consortium as a whole (3 pages)
      • Description of the consortium, incl. expertise matrix
      • Other countries and international organisations

No annexes, attachments, or extras can be added. The limit is set at 45 pages. Information after these 45 pages will not be evaluated.