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What is an Affiliated Entity in Horizon Europe?

An Affiliated Entity in Horizon Europe is a Linked Third Party under Horizon 2020. It is an entity that has a link with a beneficiary, in particular legal or capital link, which is neither limited to the project nor is established for the sole purpose of its implementation.

As an example, an affiliated entity in Horizon Europe would be the subsidiary of a mother company, or the spin-off of a research center.


AMGA Article 8 – Affiliated Entities

Their costs and contributions will be included in Annex 2 and will be taken into account for the calculation of the grant.

The beneficiaries must ensure that all their obligations under this Agreement also apply to their affiliated entities.

The beneficiaries must ensure that the bodies mentioned in Article 25 (e.g. granting authority, OLAF, Court of Auditors (ECA), etc.) can exercise their rights also towards the affiliated entities.

Affiliated entities can charge costs and contributions to the action under the same conditions as the beneficiaries and must implement the action tasks attributed to them in Annex 1 in accordance with Article 11.

Breaches by affiliated entities will be handled in the same manner as breaches by beneficiaries. Recovery of undue amounts will be handled through the beneficiaries.

If the granting authority requires joint and several liability of affiliated entities (see Data Sheet, Point 4.4), they must sign the declaration set out in Annex 3a and may be held liable in case of enforced recoveries against their beneficiaries (see Article 22.2 and 22.4). ]

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