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Can a single individual participate in Horizon Europe?

No, a single individual cannot participate in Horizon Europe. Most EU funding programmes require that participants (including beneficiaries and affiliated entities) are legal entities such as public or private bodies, including international organisations. Therefore, a single individual cannot participate in Horizon Europe, which is different from Horizon 2020.

In addition, EU funding programmes require beneficiaries to be established in one of the eligible countries (EU Member State including EU overseas countries and territories), or in an eligible non-EU countries (EEA countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway — if opted-in for the programme), or in an associated countries (countries associated to the funding programme by paying a contribution — list differs for each programme).

Take into account that almost all programmes have additional criteria, which widen or narrow the group of entities that can apply. Some programmes are open to participants from the entire world others are deliberately restricted to EU countries only. In addition, the situation can be different from call to call even within a programme. It is therefore very important to carefully look at the call conditions.

Moreover, all participants (Beneficiaries, Affiliated Entities and Associated Partners) must be registered in the Participant Register and (by the time the grant is signed) be validated by the Central Validation Service (Beneficiaries and Affiliated Entities).

To see exactly whether you are eligible for funding, check the specific work programme or call for proposal/tender.


Horizon Europe Online Manual

Horizon 2020 Online Manual

GMGA Article 2 – Definitions

Participants: entities participating in the action as beneficiaries, affiliated entities, associated partners, third parties giving in-kind contributions, subcontractors or recipients of financial support to third parties.

Beneficiaries: the signatories of an agreement, either directly or through an accession form.

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