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What are Cross-KIC activities?

Cross-KIC projects aim at jointly driving strategic topics to promote European innovation while fostering collaboration and taking advantage of synergies within the EIT ecosystem.

Cross-KIC activities refer to collaborative initiatives between the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT has established several KICs, each focused on a specific societal challenge, such as climate change, digitalization, sustainable energy, and healthy living. Cross-KIC activities aim to bring together expertise from different KICs to develop innovative solutions that address complex challenges that require multidisciplinary approaches.

Cross-KIC activities involve collaborations between researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesses from different sectors, with the goal of creating new products, services, and business models that can drive sustainable economic growth and social impact. Examples of cross-KIC activities include joint innovation projects, knowledge-sharing workshops and events, and collaborative research programs.

By working together across different KICs, stakeholders can leverage their diverse perspectives, knowledge, and expertise to generate innovative solutions that are more effective and sustainable than those developed in isolation. Cross-KIC activities are therefore an important part of the EIT’s overall strategy to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe.

Each cross-KIC cluster is composed of several activities / work packages

  • Shared Services (e.g. joint co-location centres)
  • Strategic Outreach (e.g. Global Outreach hubs)
  • Strategic Regional Innovations (e.g. EIT Jumpstarter)
  • Strategic Synergies 2023-2025 (e.g. Women entrepreneurship, NEB, AI)
  • Strategic Education (e.g. DTTI, Girls Go Circular)
  • Strategic Access to Finance (e.g. collaboration with EIC, EIF, EIB)
  • Thematic Innovations (e.g. H2 Cities)