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How to complete the Funding sheet in a Life Project?

When filling the Funding Sheet in a Life Project, a sheet part of the templates provided by the European Commission, some additional information might be helpful.

For the coordinator, the consolidated financial statement template is available here and the guidelines for the coordinating beneficiary is available here (links from the CINEA website).

For the individual beneficiaries, the following financial statement template (link) needs to be used.

About the different parts of the Funding Sheet of a Life Project:

Union Contribution: Include the amount of payment received or to be received from CINEA/Coordinating beneficiary to co-fund the eligible costs that you submitted in the financial statement. In fact the amount should be equal to your declared eligible costs multiplied by the contractual agreed % of Union contribution. Please note that you should use your individual percentage as used in Annex III if different from the contractual percentage, however, the total contribution requested for the entire consortium cannot be higher than the total eligible costs of the consortium multiplied by the percentage of Union Contribution as stipulated in the grant agreement.

Co-financer’s Contribution/Direct Income from the project: Include the amount received until now from co-financers as well as the direct income that was already generated from the project.

Own Contribution: Total amount of eligible costs submitted – Co-financer’s amount – Direct income of project amount – Union contribution.

In fact, you need to make sure that the total cost and the total income of the project (first sheet of the individual financial statement) are in balance!