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Create Your Customised Horizon Europe Time Sheet for Free!

This form is to create a customised time sheet for the Horizon Europe programme.

The calculations are made following the Horizon Europe rules with a maximum of 215 days per week working full time. Holidays cannot be chosen, they are spread out equally along the year.

To justify personnel costs, it is mandatory to provide a time sheet for Horizon Europe projects. Hereby the template provided by the European Commission.

The obligation to have time sheet in Horizon Europe is stated in Article 20 of the Model Grant Agreement of Horizon Europe: The beneficiaries must (during usually five years) keep records and other supporting documents to prove the proper implementation of the action in line with the accepted standards in the respective field (if any).

For personnel costs: time worked for the beneficiary under the action must be supported by declarations signed monthly by the person and their supervisor, unless another reliable time-record system is in place; the granting authority may accept alternative evidence supporting the time worked for the action declared, if it considers that it offers an adequate level of assurance.

The records and supporting documents must be made available upon request (see Article 19) or in the context of checks, reviews, audits or investigations (see Article 25).

If there are on-going checks, reviews, audits, investigations, litigation or other pursuits of claims under the Agreement (including the extension of findings; see Article 25), the beneficiaries must keep these records and other supporting documentation until the end of these procedures.

The beneficiaries must keep the original documents. Digital and digitalised documents are considered originals if they are authorised by the applicable national law. The granting authority may accept non-original documents if they offer a comparable level of assurance.